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Orientale Concentus IX - FAQ

1. What is Public Concert ?

The public concert aims at raising social awareness, developing character and civic mindedness in the youth participants. Through the concert, participants have an opportunity to work and perform together in the concert for greater exposure and contribute towards meaningful social causes.

See Programmes for further details about our key programmes.

2. What are the differences among your event packages?

Non-Competition package is designed for individuals who want to attend the 3 main concerts (Competition, Public concert, and Gala Concert) while being able to participate in three of the Mass Master Classes.
Competition participants only choose between
- Basic package (Basic competition package), and
- Premium package (Recomended competition package)
- Platinum package (Comprehensive competition package)

See Festival Packages for more information.

3. Do I need to pay to watch the competition?

Yes, we require you to purchase an event pass (SGD$ 70) to watch the competition. The event pass will also allow you to attend 4 concerts, namely Opening Ceremony, Competition, Sign of Music, and Gala Concert.

4. What is the difference between a Mass Master Class with and without a demo choir?

One clinician is assigned to conduct each Mass Master Class. In the former, the clinician will be assisted by a specially invited demo choir to better convey ideas/techniques/pointers to the participants; whereas the regular mass master classes will not.

5. Does a non-competition participant have to pay registration fees?

No. Only competition participants need to pay registration fees.

6. What is your payment procedure?

See payment examples below

7. What is your payment procedure for Non- Competition participant?

See payment examples below

8. Do you accept IFAS payment?

Yes, we do.

9. Who should I contact to arrange accommodation?

Ace99 works with the artistic panel to plan the festival programme while our travel partners (WTS Travel, Tours and Aspen Holidays and Lex Travel) will assist you in planning your trip and stay in Singapore. Here is a comprehensive list of our travel partners.