Is Ace 99 an STB Licensed travel agent?
Yes we are!
What are the different kinds of event does Ace 99 have?
We have many various events. Ranging from Workshops (Meet the Mastro, Concordis), to performance exchange (Heartbeats of Downunder), our event aims to provide opportunities for participants to improve and master their art. Furthermore, with our competitions (Orientale Concentus, 21st Century International Arts Festival), the participants will get to experience performing in front of a large audience exposing them and providing them an experience they won’t ever forget!

Meet the Mastro – Choral Workshop
Concordis – Choral Workshop
Heart Beats of Downunder – Dance
Orientale Concentus – Choir Comeptition
21st International Arts Festival – Choir, Dance, Chinese Orchestra and Band
Are you able to produce supporting documents for your sole agent status?
Yes, we do. Please do not hesitate to request for these documents.
What is included in the festival package?
It varies with each event. For more information, it would be best to check individual events’ prospectus. In general, the festival packages include: Accommodation, meals, competition/festival fees.
Can we request for addition tours & programmes after the event?
Yes. For some events, we do have different tour packages for groups to choose from. Also, you can request for school exchanges.
What other services are included?
Pre-departure briefing, assiatance with RAMS.
Do you provide visa services?
Yes we do, however, we charge a service fee on top of the visa charges,
What are the procedures if we have already decided to join?
First thing would be to submit the registration form! We will follow up from there.
What information do you need, should we decide to join the event?
Just fill up the registration! Contact information would be the most important.
Will Ace 99 be in-charge of liaising with the organizers?
Yes, please direct any questions to us and we will get back to you as soon as we have the organizer’s replies.
Are our supporters able to watch our performances?
Yes of course! We will be selling tickets to the competition performances. Do check with us on availability and ticket prices.
What if the event dates are all not suitable?
Feel free to contact us and let us know any specifications! We will be more than glad to arrange a performance tour with workshop programmes included.