Is Ace 99 an STB Licensed travel agent?
Yes we are!
What does Ace 99 specialize in?
We specialize in School Tours, both inbound and outbound.
Are you able to produce supporting documents for your sole agent status?
Yes, we do. Please do not hesitate to request for these documents.
What are the different kinds of outbound tour is Ace 99 able to arrange for us?
Cultural tours, CIP tours, Sports tours, Performance tours.

Attractions are often decided based on the learning objectives of the trips, followed by school exchange programmes.
Do you include school exchange in your tours? If yes, what do our students normally do during the school exchanges?
Yes we do! School exchanges mostly include the touring of the local schools and having the students enter and experience how classes in the local schools are conducted. There are also groups that perform during the school exchange.

We are open to any ideas the school might have, so do let us know if there is any specific that you are looking for and we’ll try our utmost to accede to your request.
Do you do inbound tours as well?
Yes, we do.
Other than sightseeing, are you able to provide school exchange programmes for foreign groups coming into Singapore?
Yes. For inbound groups,
Do I need to pay for an initial quote or itinerary?
No! Feel free to approach us.
Are you able to provide us with sample itineraries?
Do let us know what kind of tours you are looking for; we will then be in a better position to show you itineraries that are similar to your group’s needs,
What information do I need to provide for a customized tour?
Travel dates, travel destination, tour objective, group size,
What other services do you provide?
Pre-departure briefing for students & parents and assisting teachers with RAMS forms
Do you provide visa services?
Yes we do, however, we charge a service fee on top of the visa charges,

Are you able to assist in all instrument arrangements and transportation?